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Who was Claudia Faraday?

Hidden in an attic for nearly 100 years this recently discovered ‘secret’ diary reveals the mildly scandalous adventures of a respectable 1920s Englishwoman and mother of three, as she discovers for the first time that sex, even at her (slightly) advanced age, can be fun. Names have been changed to protect reputations.

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‘I do not scruple to pronounce that in the whole world there is not a worse country than what we have yet seen of this…’ 

So said Major Robert Ross, Lt Gov of New South Wales  (2nd in command to the Governor), just months after the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788.

The Worst Country in the World tells the extraordinary tale of early colonial Australia as seen through the eyes of Mary Pitt, a widow of 53 with five children, who voluntarily migrated from her home in Dorset in 1801 to live in a penal colony.

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Patsy Trench


2 thoughts on “My books

  1. I would very much like to make contact with you. do you live in Dorset? would your be able to talk to a group of Dorset lovers about Mary Pitt and her life in Australia? i have just visited Newhouse and seen a portrait of George Matcham’s wife, nelson’s sister.

    1. Hello Jean – thanks for your email. I would be delighted to come to Dorset to talk about Mary Pitt if it could be arranged. I live in London.

      Best regards

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