Claudia and Prudence

Available from 16 August 2019 on Amazon

Published Friday 16 August.

(Sung to the tune of ‘Ain’t misbehavin’, with apologies to Fats Waller)

Two ladies
Slightly past their prime,
You wouldn’t think to look at them,
But these ladies like to spend their time
Doing what they oughtn’t to.

Models of decorum, so you’d suppose,
But underneath those corsets
A raging storm of passion blows.
They’re misbehavin’
Morning, noon and night-time too.

Crazy ladies,
Gay and sprightly,
Burning candles
Day and nightly.
Life’s too short to dream the hours away.

They do stay out late,
(Well, wouldn’t you?)
When the cat’s away,
What’s a lonely mouse to do?
But misbehave in
Any way they’re cravin’ to.

Available from 16 August 2019 on Amazon

©Patsy Trench, London