The Purpose of Prudence de Vere

Book Two in The Roaring Twenties series

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Does life have to have a purpose?

Not for Prudence it doesn’t.

Born to inattentive parents in late-Victorian London and lacking guidance from anyone, Prudence creates her own life according to her own rules.

This leads her to hobnob with the likes of actress Mrs Patrick Campbell, to storm the House of Commons shouting ‘Votes for Women’ long before Mrs Pankhurst came on the scene, to ingratiate herself with the Bloomsbury Set and come very close to seducing John Maynard Keynes.

It also leads her to devote many years to discovering the secret behind her husband’s disappearance in World War 1.

Prudence’s purpose, insofar as she has one, is to get as much out of life as possible. And being Prudence, she does it with dash, panache, and a total disregard for society and convention.

‘My favourite thing about this novel was the brilliant characterisation and Prudence’s charming and witty voice. She was so engaging and written with such deftness and lightness – she felt very real and she was a great character to spend a book with.’ The Selfie Awards.