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Recently published – A Country To be Reckoned With

A Country To Be Reckoned With tells the story of a country and a man: George Matcham Pitt (GM), farmer, entrepreneur, master of rhetoric, founder of one of Australia’s first stock and stations agents, and my great great grandfather.

It is a sequel to The Worst Country in the Worldabout GM Pitt’s grandmother Mary Matcham Pitt (and my four times great grandmother), which sets out to try to understand why a 53-year-old widow with five children decided to emigrate to a penal colony in 1801.

The Unlikely Adventures of Claudia Faraday is a novel set in 1920s England, about a respectable society lady and mother of three discovering a surprising form of liberation in her middle years.

Click here to read a sample chapter of A Country To Be Reckoned With

Click here to view A Country book images

Click here to hear me talking about A Country on ABC Radio Tamworth.

All books are available as ebooks on AmazonKoboNook and Apple 

and in paperback  at Amazon, Angus & Robertson, Booktopia and The Book Depository

London, 2019


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