My Books

 My name is Patsy Trench and I have published two books:

The Worst Country in the World 
(now with a new cover) tells a story of early colonial Australia as seen through the eyes of my ancestors. It is a mix of history, memoir, family history and dramatisation, and it is aimed at anyone with an interest in Australia and its extraordinary colonial beginnings. It is the story of my four times great grandmother, who emigrated to New South Wales in 1801, when it was still a penal colony with a doubtful future.

‘Set against the backdrop of the Australian migrant experience, this is not only a great read but a thought-provokingo one too, especially for those with links to Australia, which reinvented itself from a convict colony to one of the ‘luckiest’ countries in the world.’ (Family Tree Magazine)

Available in paperback and ebook at
Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple itunes,
The Book Depository, Wordery, Diesel 
& Booktopia 


The Unlikely Adventures of Claudia Faraday is a novel set in the 1920s about a respectable society lady misbehaving.

‘It got better, in time, though if she were to be truthful it always felt more of a duty than a pleasure: a little like homework, satisfying when over, and done well, but never exactly enjoyable. But then nobody had ever suggested it could be otherwise.’  (Mrs Faraday’s views on sex) 

The book is aimed at women of all ages who enjoy light-hearted books about serious topics, along the lines of Nancy Mitford (if I dare bracket myself with her).

‘ . . . clever, original, beautifully written, with the kind of dry, sly wit that is so pleasing.’ (Joan Deitch)

Available as an ebook and paperback on,,
Booktopia, Barnes & Noble 
& The Book Depository


Patsy Trench



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