Rag rugging

This has absolutely nothing to with writing or self publishing, it’s just a place to show off my artwork.

What began as a hobby has now developed into an addiction.

(Some of these are for sale by the way, proceeds to go to Cancerkin at the Royal Free Hospital, who have been so good to me following the dreaded you know what. Please get in touch at patsytrench@gmail.com if interested.)

I use vegetable sacks bought online from a garden centre, tee shirts acquired from friends and charity shops cut into strips, and a crochet hook. It’s not the most traditional form of rag rugging but it’s cheap, almost 100% recycled, and fun.

I began with my own abstracts (rugs) then proceeded to the Grand Masters, designed as wall hangings and cushion covers.


Above you should be able to identify Miro, Picasso, Hockney, Klee, Malevich and Matisse. More can be found on Etsy.


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