Mrs Morphett’s Macaroons

Book two in Entertaining Edwardians series

Whatever happened to Violet Graham?

At the end of The Makings of Violet Frogg she was gazing into Robbie Robinson’s eyes and silently committing herself to him. She was also promising to produce his play about suffragettes – Mrs Morphett’s Macaroons.

It is the play rival actresses and reluctant friends Merry and Gaye would kill to be cast in, if only they hadn’t insulted Mrs Graham all those years ago.

But it’s not always wise to mix business with pleasure. The road to the West End is not a smooth one for Mrs Morphett. There are backers to be appeased, actors to be tamed, a theatre to be found, and a play to be honed to within an inch of its life.

And in the process, the budding romance between the play’s creators threatens to collapse in a heap.

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