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Me on the Thames foreshore. I’ve spent many happy days there fossicking for ancient artefacts.

I began my working life as an actress, in the UK and in Australia – where, notably, I co-starred with a kangaroo in an episode of the TV series Skippy and with Australian legend Chips Rafferty in Delta. I’ve been a scriptwriter, playscout, script editor and lyricist. I co-founded The Children’s Musical Theatre of London, producing devised musicals with primary school-aged children. Now, as well as writing books I occasionally teach and lecture in theatre at Kingston University and I organise theatre tours in London for overseas visitors.

I began writing books late in life, when as a result of chatting to my Australian aunt on one of my visits to the Great South Land I learned the astonishing story of my Australian ancestress. This led me to write three non fiction books about Australia’s colonial beginnings as seen through the eyes of my forebears.

This introduction to the heady world of writing books encouraged me to turn my hand to fiction. So far I’ve produced four books under the series title Modern Women Breaking the Mould, featuring women in the late nineteenth/early twentieth centuries challenging social norms. I’ve no idea where these ladies sprang from; they are all very different yet connected to one another, by personal relationship and by their insistence on independence of one sort or another. The two later ‘Entertaining Edwardians’ books are set in the theatre. So the wheel turns full circle.

Everything is connected.

On a personal note, I’m the daughter of an Australian actress (Nancy O’Neil). So my two loves of Australia and the theatre come together. I am also the mother of two adults and the grandmother of one (so far) and I live in northwest London. My pastimes when not writing are fossicking on the Thames foreshore for ancient treasure, investigating family history, dancing, rag rugging and crocheting. My rag rugs can be viewed here.

Patsy Trench, London 2023
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